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Photos of our recent programs!

      Here you may find the images of various programs that have been categorized according the respective partner institution. Also, if you would like to learn more about these partner institutions, feel free to click on the header links which will take you to that program's home website.
      Additionally, be sure to check out the bottom of this webpage where you will find articles from various journals and newspapers about the many programs supported by our partner institutions.

Alliance for Global Education Program

 Republic Day’s Celebration
  Republic Day's Celebration

 Interaction with Self-help Group
  Interaction with Self-help Group

 Understanding Cricket
  Learning and Playing Cricket

 Village Life
  Village Life

 Workshop by XRCVC
  Workshop by Xavier's Resource Center for the Visually Challenged

 Tribal Village
  At a Tribal Village

 Birthcay Celebrations
  Birthday Celebrations

Bridge Connect Act - Study Abroad Program (BCA)

 Backwaters of Kerala
  On the Backwaters of Kerala

 Vivekananda School
  The Vivekananda School in Mysore

South India Term Abroad Program (SITA)

 Sacred Grove
  Visiting a Sacred Grove Near Putukkottai Town in Tamil Nadu

 Dosai festival
  At a Dosai Festival in a Hotel in Madurai

 Jain Hill
  Visiting Jain Hill at the Outskirts of Madurai

 Mysore Palace
  At Mysore Palace in Karnataka State

 Tami Harvest Festival
  Making Pongal as part of Tami Harvest Festival at SITA Centre in January, 2015

 Ganesh Pooja
  Ganesh Pooja

 Pongal Celebrations
  Pongal Celebrations

 Hampi's Elephant Stables

Wisconsin Program

 Shershah Masoleum
  Shershah Masoleum in Sasaram

 Wisconsin Shirts
  Bodh Gaya & Kristoff Didrickson Discovering Tourist Guide with a Wisconsin Shirt

 Barabar Hills Caves
  An Adventure at the Barabar Hills Caves

 In Transit to Gaya
  On the Way to Gaya

 Diwali Celebrations
  Diwali Celebrations

 Karthik Purnima
  Karthik Purnima

 Dan Cook's Boat
  Floating Dan Cook's boat, During a Boat Making Tutorial

 Lakkandhari Falls
  Picnic to Lakkandhari Falls in Varanasi

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